Our visit to Portugal was perfectly lovely but it might have been nice to have just let Greg´s company plan our entire 5 days, had we known then what we know now. If you are visiting Portugal, I encourage you to check Greg and his travel agency out. I’m sure he would plan a vacation to meet all of your wishes and then some. Susan M, Toledo, Ohio


To Whom it May Concern,

I thought a testimonial was in order since we had had a wonderful time in Lisbon. We arrived back from a wonderful 5 night vacation in Lisbon and were delighted. The owner is an American who has lived in Lisbon for 15 years. He took us to places we could not have gone by ourselves. By ourselves we probably would only have seen 10% of what we saw. We were impressed in how versed he is in history, politics, architecture, food, religion and culture in general (however, not in flowers and snails…lol). His knowledge of the Portuguese language as well as his comradeship with “locals”–professionally and socially–was most impressive and really made a difference to our experience. Now here is the best part: the responsiveness to our individual requests and modifications of fixed agenda made it a special personal experience. Joseph M. and Howard B., New York


We were three generations from 70 years of age to 2 years. Our experiences were a range from luxurious and comfortable resort hotel, to local seafood restaurant on the water, to touring historic cities and castles, to a Fada Dinner. And my son-in-law played golf at a beautiful course in the company of the resort manager. When the rest of my family returned to the US, I moved to a really interesting boutique hotel within the walls of a historic castle that looks down on Lisbon. I highly recommend his services for anyone wishing to enjoy Portugal with ease and comfort. Stacy S., Charlotte, SC

Discover Portugal Travel is a great tour company. The owner who I know many years ago in California has done a remarkable job in developing his dream into reality. I have recommended his services to several friends and clients. All have thanked me for introducing them. They have seen beautiful exciting hidden areas of Portugal that they would have missed. and the owners is very creative and passionate and determined to deliver the finest guest experience possible.John Douponce, General Manager, Chamberlin Hotel, West Hollywood


We were two best friends on an eat-pray-love kind of get-away. Normally independent travelers, we decided to “splurge” on a private tour as part of the pampering. It turned out to be the best, most sensible decision made. Our 10 ten days in Portugal was simply magical. We were at the airport and taken care of us until we had to go home. Literally everything was taken care of, we were brought to places we would never have found by ourselves, related interesting stories of Portugal, introduced to a lot of special people . We did so much but at a very relaxing enjoyable pace . We ate with the locals and yes, found a new energy to love life & live it to the fullest. We cannot thank Greg enough for going way beyond what was expected of him . He is a gem who we now proudly call our dear friend in Lisbon. Nina and Ana, Manila, Philippines


I spent 3 wonderful days in Lisbon during my private tour. We went everywhere, saw everything and ate at the most wonderful restaurants where Greg knew the owners. They would bring out the fresh catch of the day, and we got to choose our favorite. I never felt pressured, rushed or harried. We moved at my leisurely pace and yet got to do so much and to see so much. I feel that my trip to Lisbon was a huge success, all thanks to Greg and his travel company Discover Portugal. Merrill M., Dallas, Texas


Having visited Lisbon and it’s environs towns 4 times I decided to experience the assistance of a private tour on my recent visit. The owner of Discover Portugal Travel was recommended to me by other Americans and my decision to see an intimate and unknown to me side of Portugal was well rewarded. Greg’s invaluable personal experience of living in Portugal enabled him to expose me, the traveler, to an insiders knowledgeable view of a fascinating country. Larry C., Beverly Hills, California


Ah, Portugal! It was a whirlwind love affair for us. And Portugal is HOT ( literally and figuratively)!

Thanks to you, now it will forever be in our memories – Porto, Guimaraes, Ponte de Lima, Braga, Ourem, Fatima, Batalha, Tomar, Coimbra, Sintra, Lisbon and yes, Barcelos where we were all gushing about the food in that local restaurant we would never have found on our own. Thank you for the great parting gift of the Portuguese Cooking Book. I Promise I will try to cook Portuguese dishes one of these days. I miss leitiao already…your travel company has given us the opportunity to really know what a great country Portugal is. Cheers and best regards.Vivian and Art, Manila, Philippines


We were totally unfamiliar with Portugal, wanted to explore the country before coming home, but could not abide the thought of a bus/group trip. I found Gregs company Discover Portugal Travel on Trip Advisor. We pretty much let him design our tour up to Porto, the Douro Valley, Ourem, and south of Lisbon. At the end of one super delightful week I thought, “Every country needs a Greg.” We loved our accommodations, especially the two nights we stayed at Casa Alta. For us this was a must-not-miss stay near Fatima. As laid back travelers, we liked the the freedom to add to or subtract from our itinerary each day. Driving in Portugal seemed quite complicated and the value of being able to sit back and ride and not worry about directions was invaluable. Going where most tours do not venture was fun. We highly recommend Discover Portugal Travel and welcome any emails for further questions. Lee Warren, Stop Hunger Now, USA


Dear Greg,

I have been travelling extensively for business and pleasure during the last thirty years and have received services from large and small specialized travel companies around the world and I can assure you that the servicing I received during my recent trip through Portugal is among the best travel experiences that I have had. The amount of time you dedicated to the planning of the itinerary, visits to points of interest, hotels and restaurants selected show an extraordinary commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. I particularly appreciate the contacts you made with well established local individuals who brought to life a side of Portugal I had never seen before during my past visits to your country. Again, I would like to congratulate you for exceeding this customer’s expectations and also encourage you to continue developing this very special servicing approach which is quickly disappearing from the travel world. Edmundo P., Miami Beach, Florida

(Retired) President of American Express Mexico and Chairman of the Board of Directors of American Express Bank & President of American Express Corporate and Travel Services for Latin America and the Caribbean